Friday, October 13, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Signs That Tell How The Friday The 13th Jinx Is On You

10. You work for House Leader Denny Hastert

9. After waking up, you realize that you are a North Korean citizen

8. Your office building is being renovated and the only way in is to walk under a gauntlet of ladders

7. You’re Condi Rice and former CIA Director George Tenet suddenly remembers even more meetings

6. You wake up and your house is surrounded by thousands of black cats

5. You’re an Iraqi citizen and what’s going on sure doesn’t feel like a “comma”

4. Due to cutbacks and a corporate shuffle, you end up as Ann Coulter’s editor

3. After waking up, you realize that it wasn’t a dream that you are Senator George Allen’s Campaign Manager

2. Your stockbroker took your entire fortune out of Spinach and Lettuce commodities and put it in Air America Radio

1. You hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” search button on Google and it comes back - I’m Feeling Pretty Tired Today, Search Somewhere Else

One sign of being hit with the Friday The 13th Jinx is that your find yourself as Ann Coulter's editor

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