Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Ways White House Is Thinking About To Help Condoleezza Rice Remember Meetings She Attends

News Item: Tenet Recalled Warning Rice

10. Tell the Hewlett Packard folks that they’ll go easy on them, but only if the “pretext” Rice and report back on what’s she’s done

9. Order her to wear an ankle bracelet, similar to the one Martha Stewart had, and DOJ can track her movements

8. Have Vice President Dick Cheney train her on how to make notes in the margin columns of newspapers

7. Ahhh, why bother ... Just wait for the next Woodward book to come out and see what she was up to

6. Just have the Lincoln Group write up a daily wrap-up of her activities, they can make it look good

5. Stylish new “Post-It Notes” suit

4. Volunteer her for a day over at the CIA, for their Waterboading training class

3. Give her a DVD of the movie “Memento” and she if she gets the hint

2. Nothing - The “I was too busy to remember” thing has worked, so far, for Scooter Libby

1. Well, up until last Friday, was considering assigning a Congressional Page to her

Meeting? We ain't got no meeting ... We don't need no meeting ... We don't have to show you no stinking meeting ...

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