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Help Me Mister Wizard! The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll September 24 - September 30 2006

Help Me Mister Wizard!

Can’t imagine the Bush Team will want another week like the last one. First, the devastating National Intelligence Estimate report delivers the left cross, and that was rapidly followed by the straight, overhand right landing square on the jaw, courtesy of Mr. Bob Woodward and his new book ‘State of Denial’.

But fear not.

The Bush White House is not an opponent that hits the canvas very often, if all. Typically, such an assault is usually met with a fierce offensive, a “take-no-prisoners” (oh, sorry, not the appropriate phrase to associate with this administration) assault, or, to shake it off as if nothing happened.

By a 2-to-1 margin, the voters in The Garlic’s Weekly Poll last week believe it will be business-as-usual.

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll September 24 - September 30 2006

With the new National Intelligence Estimate report, disclosed today by the New York Times and Washington Post, saying that it is the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq that is fueling the war and terrorism, not the other way around, President Bush will

1. Simply ignore the N.I.E. report and continue tying Saddam Hussein and Iraq to September 11th, and Saddam’s support of Al Qaeda, thus the reason we needed to invade Iraq Tally 46%

2. Expose and out another intelligence officer, or their spouse, smearing them that this N.I.E. report was a political ploy to cast a bad light on the President and his administration Tally 23%

3. Submit the intelligence officer who wrote the report to the President’s new compromise, and place them under some “aggressive interrogations” Tally 20%

4. Trot Cheney and Rumsfeld out for a new round of “Nazi Appeaser” speeches Tally 11%

This week’s Poll - With the Mark Foley scandal growing by the day, the Republican Leadership in Congress is likely to ...

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When the Mark Foley (pictured top) Scandal broke on Friday, many in Washington believed it was some type of prank or promo, possibly of a new television series starring comic Andy Richter (pictured bottom)

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