Sunday, March 18, 2007

"Karl, We're Going to Have Harriet Coach You For The Grand Jury This Time, Okay? ... The Results - The Garlic Weekly Poll

Oh what a tangled web
they weave, when they practice ... Well, just about anything they do ... Their entire Administration has had the look of Spiderman, testing out a new Web Shooter for the past six-years.

The 'they" of course is our Chief Decider, and the debacle that it's turning into over his “Politically Dead Man Walking" Crony General and the politicially-motivated firing of eight U.S. Attorneys.

They've already offered a Rubek's Cube of excuses, even falling back on "hazy memories" and "Does it matter who comes up with an idea?" The glowing fingerprints of Karl Roves are shining through this, like a cheap, Grade-B murder mystery, who knows what they will attempt to spin next

First Dog Barney might want to think about hiding out in the East Wing for the upcoming few weeks.

Assuming the inevitable happens, either this week or next, who does the Chief Decider decide on who replaces his former Crony General?

Who better, if only to piss off the Democrats and sail through the confirmation hearings, then the Independent Crony from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman?

Since one of the qualifications to be a U.S. Attorney in the Bush Administration Justice Department is loyality, Lieberman is a natural, having been a former state attorney general and he was most open about it - the loyalty-to-Bush thing - with "The Kiss" and his Plan C campaign last year.

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll March 10 - March 17, 2007

If it turns out that Karl Rove was the mastermind of firing the U.S. Attorneys, President Bush will ...

1. If a Grand Jury is convened, urge Rove to break his record and testify six times Tally 48%

2. See if Scooter Libby will take the fall for this one too Tally 28%

3. Make Tony Snow hold Press Briefings, saying Rove wasn't involved at all Tally 24%

4. Line Rove up for a Medal of Freedom Award Tally 0%

This week’s Poll - For President Bush to remove, either by firing, or accepting the resignation of his Crony General Alberto Gonzales, the race is on as to who will the Chief Decider will pick to replace him, so the choice is ...

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Does Lieberman wake up from his kiss the new Attorney General?

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