Monday, April 23, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons President Bush Decided Not To Be Funny At WHCA Dinner

News Item: Bush Passes Up Comedy at Media Dinner

10. Overcome with fear that members of the audience was going to follow him home

9. Hard time concentrating on writing material with that new War Czar job still sitting open

8. Worried also about the French elections; Offered to give candidate Ségolène Royal a neck rub if she was too tense

7. Cheney said he'd kick his ass if he told any jokes

6. Wanted to save his good ones to tag the new Baghdad wall with

5. He was too bummed out after seeing the private performance, at the White House, by Rich Little

4. Tested material last week - the chicken-plucking, marriage, and, polls, going poof-thing - and it didn’t' go over too well

3. Well, After Scooter Libby was the one staff member who used to give him good jokes and he's .. Well ... He's not around anymore

2. President silently protesting the media continuing to call what's going on in Iraq a Civil War

1. Only thing he could think of was to do that "Looking For WMD's In His Office" gag again

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Well, he could have done a visual, and come to the dinner dressed like this ...

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