Saturday, June 23, 2007

"I Am Spartacus" ... The Bush Grindhouse and Cheneypalooza

Ohhh, this is so rich ...

It appears, on this lazy Saturday AM, we have a "I am Spartacus" vibe brewing ...

First, the ever-exhaustively endeavoring Salon scribe Glenn Greenwald has a fascinating post this morning on how, magically, the Iraqi insurgents have apparently backed off and we're fighting, exclusively, Al Qaeda again.

This from the Bush Grindhouse and its' most loyal pet, the mainstream media (and "I am Judy Miller" reporter, NYT's Michael Gordon).

Glenn Greenwald's "Everyone we fight in Iraq is now "al-Qaida"

Then, no sooner is our Cheneypalooza still settling in, we get The Commander Guy himself, standing loyally upright and proudly declaring "I am Cheney" regarding the business of documenting their usage of classified material.

Bush claims oversight exemption too; The White House says the president's own order on classified data does not apply to his office or the vice president's.

And dig Bush Grindhouse Spokesperson Dana Perino, spinning better, and more furiously, than Eric Brenn ever did on the old Ed Sullivan Show.

Office of the Press Secretary: June 22, 2007 - Press Briefing by Dana Perino

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GDAEman said...

Good one.

Bush & Co. implicitly make an argument being made by war opponents: If the US would leave Iraq, the secular Sunni insurgents (Cheney's "Dead-enders") would clean house of the fundamentalist al-Qaida. The dead-enders might also fight with the Shia, who are fighting among themselves. But at least two foreign elements (US & al-Qaida) would be removed from the equation.

Imagine, Iraq might be given the opportunity to have a sovereign civil war instead a proxy civil war.