Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: How Being Named "Girl Scout For Life" Is Going To Cramp Dolly Parton's Style

News Item: Dolly Parton Named Girl Scout for Life

10. Can't earn any badges for the work she does running Dollywood

9. Gets pretty bored, sitting around the campfire, swapping stories about the 5th Grade

8. Fails swimming program, after not being able to get life jacket around her, ahhh, upper torso

7. All her Hollywood friends will be on diets, just around the time she has to sell a few dozen cases of Mint Cookies

6. Gimp necklaces ... I don't think so ...

5. Won't let her used air-conditioned motor home on overnight camping trips

4. Set new, all-time Demerit mark for wearing high heels on hiking lesson

3. Troop gets pissed off; They're going to have to clear ASCAP before singing any campfire songs with her

2. With the way she'll fill out a Brownie uniform, the Boy Scouts will get a new lesson in "tents"

1. Loses talent show at summer camp, to a seven-year old baton twirler

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