Thursday, June 21, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Strange Behavior First Day of Summer Visits Upon People

News Item: Revelers welcome summer solstice

10. Thanks to President Bush, Iraq named as the Second Worst Failing State

9. Dolly Parton gets named "Girl Scout for Life"

8. Perhaps to take advantage of more sunlight, Army wants to extend combat tours - again

7. Japan gets the urge to start renaming its' islands

6. Spice Girls (yawn) plan a reunion tour

5. Ann Althouse writes some batshit crazy, totally unglued, Freudian theory on Hillary Clinton's new Soprano video

4. Maybe it was part of the Downing Street Memo, but Bush wants to name Blair a Mideast Peace Envoy

3. The Vatican retools the 10 Commandments

2. French Government gets paranoid (or pragmatic) that their Blackberries are being tapped

1. White House Spokesman Tony Snow gets confused on whether or not Iraq war a good thing, or bad thing

Tony Blair - With the proposed position of Special Mid-East Envoy, does the former PM go from Bush's lap poodle, to seeing-eye dog?

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