Friday, June 22, 2007

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Dickie Right Over ... Its' A Cheneypalooza!

One question I have this morning is where's Rumsfeld?

If he isn't leading a coup, or just bustin' everyone's balls, than it may be that our Vice President is showing overt signs of dementia setting in ... Senility or Alzheimer's, perhaps ... Could also be his notoriously bad heart (both literally and figuratively)

It may be that the days of the week are confusing him, and he thinks he's on one of his weekend Armageddon retreats.

How else to explain that he believes he is not part of the Executive Branch?

Long Past The Shock of Illegal, Law-Breaking Misdeeds

Who knew, last month, when The Garlic called for volunteers to become a "Cheney's Cheney" and join his team for the Iran venture that we'd see that the Darth Vader Man was already well ahead of the curve on it.

The Garlic also saw signs last November, when Cheney broke from the White House to form his own Iran Study Group.

And The Garlic had a feeling, earlier, back in November 2005, that Dick was quite the Magic Vice Prez.

He has his lavish Secret Bunker... The family, in particular the wife, is with him all the way ... He'll dress-down, and swear at, a Senator, or turn around and expose a covert CIA agent at the drop-of-the-hat ... And he shares with his boss/underling, The Commander Guy, a disdain for democracy ...

He's already long past the shock of conducting his illegal, law-breaking misdeeds, that there hasn't been any blaring sirens coming for him ... No scoldings, no detention, so he's looking around, his head spinning like Linda Blair's, and sees no one after him, so it's time to push that secret envelope out more, and more.

We should expect some type of fiat next from the VP Man, perhaps suspending the 2008 election, removing Bush, keeping the surge he sings praises for and, of course, leaving all Iran options on table - particularly the bombing ones.

Which Way Does It Go - Over The Cliff or Top of The World?

He doesn't give a shit about nose-diving ratings, he's got his hands on the wheel, his fingers on the buttons ... And he's going for broke ...

A Thelma and Louise, pedal-to-the-medal drive off the Constitutional cliff? ... A Cody Jarrett, Top-of-the-World-Ma scream, standing on a blazing and exploding Iranian nuclear reactor? ... Or a more fitting, Sam Peckinpah-inspired, Pike Bishop shoot out with Congress?

For me, I'd like to see, with a nice, lush, Bernard Hermann score, Cheney, sweating and panicked, on top of Mt. Rushmore, holding a trinket containing all the secret Energy Meeting Notes, and Secret Service Visitor Logs, being chased and hunted by Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson (hey, lay off, it's pretty close casting) and the good guys end up winning.

The only thing of it is, whose definition of good and evil do we go by?

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Dickie Right Over ...

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