Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Editor's Note: Sorry For The Delay In Posting

Good Afternoon Garlic Fans

Just a note to apologize for the lack-of-posting yesterday (Monday).

We got bogged down in technical difficulties, in installing - and getting it, and everything else - the new SnapShots feature (just run your cursor over any highlighted link) to all work properly.

Along with numerous interruptions, the installation of SnapShots became a tiresome chore, of going back-and-forth with code. As one feature would work, a different problem arose (one of which was the incomplete loading of The Garlic; Tip-of-the-Cap to those friends and families badgered, to go out to The Garlic and test things out).

Once everything was installed, code-corrected and working as it should, it was late evening and too tired to shift into creative mode.

So, dark for one day, but were back hittin' it today

Once again, Many and Mucho Thanks for visiting and reading The Garlic.


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