Tuesday, July 03, 2007

You Got Away With It Once, Cheney, But We're Watching You ... The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll

Perhaps, it was the festive momentum of our recent Cheneypalooza, but, more likely, our Garlic Poll Voters know - despite The Commutation Guy's heinous actions yesterday - that Vice President Dick Cheney committed treason in the outing of covert CIA Agent Valerie Plame.

So, it may be that the CIA was less in the market for redemption, but rather letting Darth Vader know that they can pull off his mask at the drop of a illegal wiretap.

And Cheney has to think, with all the spooks and black bag ops - the ones off-the-books, operating without any official backing or cover - that the hardcore alliance doesn't take kindly to a bloated, over-reaching, wannabe-warrior exposing one of their own.

The Bush Grindhouse can bury and burn all the records and emails it wants.

These guys know payback and the Vice President will have to live out the rest of his days, never knowing when it will come, or from what direction.

In a warped way, we're sure the Vice President will appreciate and respect the secrecy of such action

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll June 25 - July 2 2007

The CIA releasing its' "family jewels" probably has to do with ...

1. Not-so-subtle warning to Dick Cheney, to not expose any more covert agents Tally 36%

2. Needing to clean out files and storerooms, to make way for new, clandestine, black bag ops Tally 33%

3. CIA Director Col. Michael Hayden bucking for his own Medal of Freedom award Tally 22%

4. Hoping someone makes a movie about them, so they can collect royalties Tally 9%

This week’s Poll - Instead of giving Scooter Libby clemency, President Bush should have ...

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