Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Justice Served ... Now It's A Wait For The Karma

It's one of those, almost unnoticed, passages in daily life, one out of millions, but
the cretin who sued his dry cleaners for $54-Million over a pair of pants (and lost), has now been bounced out of his job;

Judge Who Lost Pant Suit Loses Job

Justice has been served, once again.

The havoc he raised with this, against Soo and Jin Chung, was malicious and uncalled for and it is fitting that, along with losing the case, he loses his job - which was in legal profession, as an administrative law judge.

Hopefully, in years forward, the dictionary companies, when they issue new editions, with new words and updated definitions, will included the name "Roy Pearson" under "Asshole" (and they may want to add whoever it was in the court system down there who allowed this case to go to trial).

Now, it's a wait for the Karma to kick in.

Losing his job doesn't cover it. Being an administrative judge, he knew better.

No, the real, heavy-duty karma will be Pearson gets banned from every dry cleaner in the land. That he be forced to wear "wash-and-wear" clothes the rest of his life ... That he has wrinkled pants and crumpled suits ... Stains that blink out like a big neon billboard ... Shirts missing buttons ...

Or, they keep losing his pants.

That would really balance the scales of justice.

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Anonymous said...

"Lose" pants. Sue for millions. Become the most laughed at and reviled man in the world. Lose job. Ex Judge Pearson...two thumbs up dude!!!! Anyone want to chip in for two Plane tickets to Korea for this fab man?