Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Retro, Retro ... U.S. Foreign Policy Spikes Upward - Karen Hughes Resigning!

I think this is a first for The Garlic.

We are Retro Garlicing a Retro Garlic.

It was only three-weeks ago that we offered the first Karen Hughes Retro Garlic, back on October 11th. It was Sidney Blumenthal's "An open letter to Karen Hughes" in Salon that prompted us to take a look back at our under-achieving , Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs.

And today comes the news that this globe-trotting diplomat, sprinkling the good word on the USA to lands afar, will be leaving her post in December, with our National Tupperware Lady returning home to Texas.

If the disastrous U.S. Foreign Policy was a publicly-traded stock, there'd be a huge spike upward today, with all the talking heads on the financial news shows bubbling with this great fortune ... A red-letter day!

However, as in real life, when one stock goes up, another goes down, so, quick, sell-off your "Government-by-Cronies" stock, pronto!

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