Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hugs and Smarts

Boy, what a week it has been ...

Firestorms and, thanks to the Faux News Network, yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theatre ... And, covering all this, putting their stealth media skills to work, was none other then FEMA, in which their faux press conference now demonstrates, that along with not being able to deliver supplies, they also have difficulty delivering real journalists.

To bad the media (real or FEMA's) didn't offer that the State of California deals with these type of disasters EVERY YEAR!... One year it's fire, the next it will be mudslides ... Mix in a powerful earthquake, every now-and-then ... They are on top of it, been-there, done-that and they pretty much have it down.

Which brings us to The Decider Guy.

He quickly seized upon the events of the week, to become "Johnny Action", the man-on-the scene.

Desperate to shed his failures of Hurricane Katrina as if his jacket was on fire, The Decider Guy, sans the klieg lights and cathedral background, burdened himself on the good folks of California, much like an impertinent toddler, demanding attention while you are working to prepare dinner.

So that brings us to the Hugs and Smarts.

Today, Paul Farhi, in The Washington Post, has put out an unsolicited submission to the Bush Nickname List, with his "Bush the Embracer: Interpreting the Presidential Hug"

Here's a blown kiss Farhi throws out to The Embracer;

"Journalistic skepticism compels us to note that presidential hugs usually are photo ops, staged for the cameras and calculated to deliver the prepackaged sentiment, as Bush 41 once put it, "Message: I care." But the visual evidence also compels us to remark that Bush 43's hugs are among the least stage-y of his mannerisms. There's an athletic, energetic, almost muscular quality to them. They seem, in a word, genuine."

On Friday, Barry Crimmins, looking at that same California visit as Farhi, offers "President Smarts", which resembles nothing of a hug, but rather the needed, stern discipline for that impertinent toddler;
"This dummy has been smarting since that storm surge of criticism in 2005. Yesterday he used the wildfires as a backdrop for announcing a retroactive personal abrogation of responsibility as federal chief executive to lead relocation, rescue, recovery and rebuilding efforts at times of great national calamities... unless of course he likes the governor(s) of a ravaged region."

If only our Congress would get smart and throw a bear hug around The Embracer, escorting him off the premises, and then get to the business of rescuing and restoring the U.S. Constitution he has singed and burned by his policies and agenda.

Bonus Hugless, Dumb Links

Adam Howard/Alternet - Bill Maher Tells Andrew Sullivan: "It Was Not That Hard to See Bush Was a Moron in 2000" [VIDEO]

Photo Op Accomplished - Hooah!

David Corn - REBUTTAL: Why Bush Is A Loser

An Embracer, a Hugger and, lest we not forget, a Kisser!

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