Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Savvy Girls of Summer

Here's a little something for you, before the big Game 7, this evening ...

We never know what's going to turn up when we run our, now infamous, baseball primers (featuring, of course, The Baseball Essay!) ... We get letters, for sure, lots of them (See the sidebar, under "Sports ... On The Garlic" for links).

Earlier this month, when we posted It's MLB Playoff Time ... That Means Time For The Garlic Baseball Primer Essay, along with the usual letters flowing in, something else turned up as well ...

The Savvy Girls of Summer

Deidre (of Deidre and Jackie fame) emailed, hipping The Garlic to their exploits, up there in the dark, often rainy, Northwest city of Seattle.

Along with writing their blog, these two ladies are on the runway of fame and fortune, turning their lives, and the merger of said, with their life-long love of baseball, and have written a book - "Are Diamonds for Everyone?" - due to be published and released in 2008.

We finally realized that not working ourselves into a lather about the 1952 World Series didn’t make us any less of a fan than our male counterparts or others that considered themselves "real" fans. We were relieved when we realized that we simply enjoy baseball from a different perspective. This perspective is missing in baseball literature - it is that of the pure spectator. The one who was never coached in how to turn a double play. Our book is an effort to share our enthusiasm for baseball with lifelong fans and the "baseball curious" of either gender.

Take a spin over to The Savvy Girls of Summer and check it out ... The ballpark outings, the tales of real life and the baseball scorebook they've come up with (which you can purchase) ...

And put Deidre and Jackie, and their book, on your radar next year

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