Thursday, October 25, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Ways President Bush Wants To Improve The Terror Watch List

News Item: More Than 755,000 on US Terrorist Watch List

10. Debating whether or not to add the Extraordinary Rendition people onto the list

9. Have White House lawyers make sure he owns copyright to list, so, when he leaves office, he can sell the movie rights

8. Still trying to figure out how to use, before the 2008 elections, the Terror Watch List to supress the Democrats' votes

7. Needs to get on top of David Addington, to bury the paperwork; The memos from Cheney everyday, adding thousands is getting to be too much

6. If the legislation doesn't get passed, will be adding gays to the list, if only, to stop the weddings

5. Rolling out a "Frequent Detainee Program"

4. Needs to hire more people, to capture critical comment writers on liberal blog sites so they can be added to the list

3. Actually likes the Terror Watch List; Don't need to go to the FISA Court to put someone on it and tap their telephones

2. Approve RNC request to use it as a fundraiser - Big, six-figure donors get to look through list, see if there's anyone they know on it

1. Things have gotten better, and less confusing, since he listened to Laura and changed his other list to "Scary Movies To View" up in the living quarters

Bonus The Decider/Commander/Shakespeare Guy Links

"And Now We Come To The Sanity Clause ..."

"Anyway, look, nobody has accused me of being Shakespeare, you know?"

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