Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Editor's Note: Slow Boat To Posting ...

Good Evening Garlic Fans

Just a note to say we've been stuck in the much-dreaded Computer Hell the past two-days, though, not completely singed.

The issue has to do with a computer, operating at a snail's pace (causing, for instance, it taking nearly three-minutes-plus for a single email to drop in; and it going to error message and constant recycling if multiple emails are arriving).

Needless to say, I have been as frustrated as a superdelegate waiting for this campaign to end, and spent the better part of yesterday, running scans, tests, reloads, etc, all to no avail.

So, I called the "Big Bad ISP Computer Company", full expecting, as happened last month, when this issue first surfaced, of being dumped over to "Larry" in India, and enduring "Larry" reading down his sheet of prompts ("Are you at the computer? ... Is the computer turned on?").

It was painless.

A test email showed the technician that I was not exaggerating, and he then "pinged" my modem and it sounded like he said, a low, mumbled "Oh shit".

It be the modem, he indicated and the earliest I can have it replaced is Saturday (for some reason, the problem, or the modem is not such that I could unplug everything, go to their service center to return it, get a new one, come home, plug everything back in and be back in, presumably, operating business in less then 2-hours).

In the meantime, I can, likely (and that has been erratic) have normal operations - all I have to do is turn off my virus protection.

So, I will stagger and endeavor to get back up to speed on the posting (beginning this evening) and, hopefully, keep my sanity (yeah, right, like I had that to begin with).

As always, many thanks for coming to The Garlic!


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