Thursday, March 06, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons John McCain Was Late Yesterday, To Receive His Endorsement From President Bush

News Item: McCain Makes Bush Wait

10. Had to drive around, to lose Joe Lieberman, who wanted to tag along

9. Couldn't decide whether to wear a regular business suit, or maybe the President would appreciate him showing up in his old flightsuit

8. Wanted to finish up writing some letters for his lobbyist friends

7. Actually, was detained by Secret Service, over his "wanting to shoot Obama" comment

6. Couldn't find his passport, and got a little paranoid, in case the "born in the Panama Canal" thing came up

5. Is it his age?... Woke up, forgot he was the nominee

4. Wanted to study the details of serving as Bush's Third Term before accepting the endorsement

3. Overslept (He hasn't been sleeping well since seeing Hillary's Hillary's 3AM Ad)

2. Was negotiating with White House, to see if he could bring in Bill Cunningham again, to warm up the crowd

1. Busy, calling Mitt Romney, over-and-over, and just saying "Na-Na-Na-Na-Na ... I got the nomination ... I got the nomination"

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