Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Best of Day! ... Dennis Perrin

Fox News, which looks like something they pipe into solitary cells in federal prisons ..."
Between the Ming Dynasty-like schedule of debates, the coverage of voting night by the Cable News guys (heaven forbid, the networks interrupt their idolized reality shows) has, in most cases, rivaled Ronald Reagan's funeral (I think if you search in the 200-range of your cable channels, you may be able to find the Old Gipper's burial still going on).

Is there really a need to go on-air some two-to-three-hours before the polls close?

At this point, about the best Exit Poll data they have is the extrapolation of the 16 people who voted between 2-3PM, not, necessarily, a hindrance to the gasbags to dribble out their theories and begin testing their narratives, which they will babble on endlessly, during the final six-hours of broadcast after the polls close?

Just some random musings, a prelude to hipping you to our second offering of Best of Day (okay, we've fallen down a bit on this, as it should be highlighted with greater frequency)

Dennis Perrin, in his post "Where Have You Gone, Diane Linkletter?", riffing on watching the primary returns last evening, had a falling-over-with-tears hysterical line.
"Of the three major channels, MSNBC has to be the worst. Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Tim Russert taken all at once is too much for the sober mind to process, their pale, sagging faces morphing into a single yammering unit. Toss in Stepford Anchor Norah O'Donnell and the mummified remains of Tom Brokaw, and who needs hallucinogens? Granted, MSNBC is bad acid, cut with the cheapest crank, but you'll experience insane images and sounds not found at its competitors, especially Fox News, which looks like something they pipe into solitary cells in federal prisons."

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