Saturday, March 29, 2008

So Much For The Family and Friends Plan

Only a little more than eight months left ...

Sigh ...

It's almost as if he wants to embrace and fully live up to his Lame Duck status.
Let's face it, with the economy tanking, his great war in Iraq going south, yet another another Bush Grindhouse crony facing possible criminal charges, The Commander Guy is probably going to have his days filled with these little ceremonial things ... You know, something to occupy his time, give him a reason to get up in the morning ...

You think they would go a little extra distance, to make sure he doesn't look ridiculous (yes, I know, a Herculean task).
We had this yesterday;

Bush Gives Out Wrong Phone Number For Homeowner Help Hotline

Yesterday, President Bush visited Novadebt, a credit counseling service in New Jersey, to promote his Hope Now Alliance, which is intended to help homeowners facing foreclosure. But while there, Bush gave out the wrong toll-free number (despite a large sign with the correct number hanging behind him). This isn’t the first time Bush has given out the wrong Hope Now number. In December 2007, Bush told the American public that the number was 1-800-995-HOPE, instead of 1-888-995-HOPE, leading people to call a Christian education academy near Dallas.
I don't know, maybe that Christian academy slipped him a few bucks, for the plug.

That was with telephone numbers, check out here for how he does with road maps.

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