Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weekend Smackdowns ... Cheney and Lieberman

Quite the weekend ...

While our Darth Vader Vice President backhanded the American people (and, yesterday, cowardly, threw The Commander Guy under the bus), an old colleague of his surfaced in the pages of The Washington Post this past weekend to slap him around.

Mickey Edwards, who served with Cheney in Congress, has had enough, becoming "increasingly frustrated by the Bush administration's repeated betrayal of constitutional ..."

In his Op-Ed, "Dick Cheney's Error - It's Government By the People", Edwards set out to remind The Bush Grindhouse, to give them a 5th grade civics lesson;

"Cheney told Raddatz that American war policy should not be affected by the views of the people. But that is precisely whose views should matter: It is the people who should decide whether the nation shall go to war. That is not a radical, or liberal, or unpatriotic idea. It is the very heart of America's constitutional system.

That is the difference between a strong president (one who leads) and a strong presidency (one in which ultimate power resides in the hands of a single person). Bush is officially America's "head of state," but he is not the head of government; he is the head of one branch of our government, and it's not the branch that decides on war and peace."
Somebody, please, copy this, laminate it, and then staple it to the foreheads of the everyone in the Executive Branch, and, might as well do the same to every single person in The Congress

But Wait, There's More ...

Then, on Sunday, John McCain's wingnut, the Democrat-in-title-only Senator from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman, got his turn in the slapping dock, this coming from 'The Day', a New London, CT newspaper, who, essentially, took back their endorsement of Lieberman (H/T to Jane Hamsher on Firedoglake)
"Meanwhile, the junior Connecticut senator is not only backing the Republican nominee for the presidency, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, but appears to be making a contest of trying to get into every photo and TV news video with him. Perhaps Sen. Lieberman is taking delight in needling the chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, his 2004 opponent for the presidency, whose leadership he once dismissed as a “ticket to nowhere.”

Rather than building the bridges The Day expected when it endorsed Sen. Lieberman, he appears busy burning bridges with the party of which he is allegedly still a member. Perhaps the senator is positioning himself for a top cabinet post in a McCain presidency. But if the Democrats prevail, and enlarge their control of the Senate, it is hard to imagine this Connecticut senator being welcomed back with open arms."

Hmmm ... Here a nice, little daydream ...

As McCain stumbles along in his campaign, with his trusty sidekick Joe Lieberman riding shotgun, one-by-one, Connecticut newspapers follow the lead of The Day, and start taking back their endorsements ...

Maybe Lieberman will get confused ... Mis-speak ... Have his own "senior moment" ...

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The Bob Dole For The New Millennium

"Joe ... What the hell day is it?"

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