Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Barry Crimmins Returns ... With An Admission!

For many, yesterday wasn't a day to worry-and-wax about Hillary Clinton's speech, it was to welcome back after a brief summer break (if you want to call yard work and house painting a "break"), writer and satirist Barry Crimmins.

And, come back did he.

Crimmins wades in on the convention, or, better yet, conventions, in general, and the political landscape ahead.

Confessions of an ex-con (attendee)

I haven't a single regret that I won't be in Denver this week nor St. Paul next week. I am content to watch the media and pols limbo to new lows of pandering, insincerity and self-celebration from the comfort of home.

I've been to a million campaign events. I've been a credentialed member of the media at numerous national political conventions, as well as a dissident/performer at those same gatherings and several others. I've shared the stage with presidential candidates and bull goose loony conspiracy freaks. It's a toss-up which was more embarrassing.
Jump over and read the entire piece - it's insightful, hysterical and on-the-money (he could have just posted the Caroline Kennedy riffs alone and had a winner).

And you gotta read the Comments ...

In particular, the exchange between Barry and "Scout" (The Garlic did suggest to Barry that he advise "Scout" that "Boo Radley really is friendly")

Also, another comment deserves full view here;

John A. Joslin ( Detroit) -- Tuesday, August 26th 2008 5:50PM
Barry, I think we can forgive Caroline Kennedy... even though we probably shouldn't. Let's take the high road on this one. Caroline Kennedy was like a little kid trying to pin the tail on the donkey for Christ's sakes. She was used by these inane strategy bastards. They blindfolded her & set her stumbling off down the breakdown lane of the Beltway w/ instructions to find a good, honest man who can help us heal this country.

Next thing you know, she comes back with "plastic Joe " in tow, the guy who's been helping the credit card industry steal this country. She basically drags in the equivalent of 100 feet of human anchor chain to wrap around the ankles of the Obama campaign. She couldn't help it , Barry, in my opinion.

She was raised to give a hand to the less fortunate , and a sad sack old bagman w/ his hourglass running out of sand fits the description. The nautical thing was a factor, too. You know what I'm talking about : Hyannis Port , spinnakers , don't go swimming until two hours after eating a bushel of fried clams , tying bowlines with one hand , tilting decks, spar varnish, starfish, and salt water spray in your hair. It all adds up. She was spawned by water people and she knows a genuine NON-boat rocker when she sees one.

The Kennedys were always big on acts of charity. She probably figures it would be good for Joe to spend his declining years in the company of a halfway decent human being like Obama.

Plus, in case Obama LOSES ... Joe B. will be the perfect guy , right up front beaming for the cameras just like nothing happened," We fought the good fight . Tonight, we have heard the voice of the American people from the tiny hamlets and the busy crossroads , from the small towns, the farming communities, and from the great urban centers of this nation. I might have wanted it to go the other way, but let me be the first to congratulate my good friend and maniacal counterpart... blah, blah.

We can't blame Caroline Kennedy.
Go read "Confessions of an ex-con (attendee)"

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