Monday, August 25, 2008

They Call Me "Mister Glass"

Boy, Little Billy Kristol sure seems preoccupied with glass lately.

Glass ceilings, to be specific.

Just a few days ago, Little Billy, in his own toy box, The Weekly Standard, stoked the soap opera of Hillary/TMFOITW, lamenting of the Democrats "Glass Ceiling".

Obama should have picked Hillary, and not Biden and that, gosh-darn-it, those Democratic delegates at the convention should right this wrong, by nominating Hillary - not for President, but Vice President.

Perhaps, in the days that followed, Little Billy was breathing in to much Windex, even, possibly, drinking it (you know how children are), for today, in his NYT column (I still believe the NYT is doing this as a running joke), Little Billy offers the solution to this terrible wrong:

McCain should ... Must .... Choose Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

And Hillary supporters could protest Obama’s glass ceiling by voting for John McCain and the Democratic Party’s 2000 vice presidential nominee.
That's right, McCain's Mini-Me vaulting up to the #2 spot, Vice Mini-Me.

I suppose, in Little Billy's world, no better champion of woman's rights, and smashing glass ceilings, than two old white guys.

As Attaturk puts it;

Yes, because who would bring down the "glass ceiling" faster than another two white guys who opposed equal pay and reproductive rights?
(Nice to know the Right Wing Freak Show isn't taking the run-up to Labor Day off ... Along with Little Billy Kristol, The Politico is also carrying the GOP's water today, with their own Hillary pumping, here)

Mister Glass lived, essentially, in a comic book world, a purveyor of evil

That, pretty much, sums up Little Billy Kristol.

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