Thursday, May 15, 2008

Garlictorial: Why Wait - Toss Lieberman Over To The GOP Now!

I don't know about you, but this is getting to be pretty nauseating.

There was Senator Joe Lieberman (I-R, CT) joking around, waving his pom-poms, cheerleading for the bombing of Iran, saying that it "Has An Appeal To It".

Hey, Harry Reid, pay attention to this!

Get rid of Joe Lieberman now!

Cut him loose! ... Send him packing! ...

Take a page from the old television program "Branded" ( Chuck Connors "dishonorably discharged from the service, his stripes and brass buttons removed and his sword broken in two"), strip Lieberman of all things Democrat, and kick his ass across the aisle.

It's bad enough that he's been pal'in' around with Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain, acting as his guardian angel, endorsed him, trying to keep him from stumbling and bumbling, but he's also taking up the role of being McCain's attack dog.

Lieberman: Obama's Alleged Endorsement By Hamas Shows "Difference" With McCain

But the fact that the spokesperson for Hamas would say they would welcome the election of Senator Obama really does raise the question, "Why?" ... And it suggests the difference between these two candidates.

You want this in the Democrat Caucus?

Greg Sargent, in the post, suggests "One wonders whether Harry Reid will keep this sort of stuff in mind when considering committee chairmanships in 2009."

Why Wait?

It's only going to get worse, become more embarrassing.

Especially, later this summer, when it is possible (and I would say, very likely), Lieberman speaks at the GOP Convention, embracing SB McCain.

All the networks and media will be taking note of it, and you can count on Faux News really trumpeting it ... Hell, they'll have lights flashing and bells ringing ... The graphics and kirons they run while Lieberman speaks will probably come crashing through the television screen.

Dump'em now!

Don't take just my word for it Senator Reid.

The other evening, Jonathan Alter, speaking with Keith Olbermann, noted how Lieberman has been a hatchetman for just about his entire political career.

From the transcript;
OLBERMANN: So, McCain has what in Joe Lieberman? Is he a hatchet man, is he a hatchet man sort of dressed up in independent or bipartisan clothing? What is his role?

ALTER: A hatchet man is a good word to describe him and it‘s a very useful for John McCain. I mean, imagine if Barack Obama had Chuck Hagel or Richard Lugar or respectable Republican senator who is going with him to all of these events, it‘s very helpful with independent voters.

But you got to realize, Joe Lieberman has been a hatchet man going back to when he was first elected to the Senate. He charged Lowell Weicker in 1988 by saying, he was, you know, too close to Fidel Castro which was kind of preposterous at the time. So, what he does is sort of under these almost clerical clothing, he will pull up a knife and stick it in and use his piety and his reputation for morale rectitude as a cover for some very negative politics.

Yeah, you have a razor-thin majority in the Senate, but you have a cancer in your caucus, Mr. Reid.

Cut it out!

No need to let it, or him, linger and hang around.

He turned on the party when he chose to go Independent (after getting his sorry ass kicked) and, by all accounts, he hasn't bothered much to turn around and come back ...

His embrace of McCain should be - and clean your glasses there, Senator - all you need to see, in order to boot him out.

And if you need that spelled out for you, he's working against the Democrats in his embrace of McCain.

Wave'em goodbye!


Be gone!

Be done with him.

Let'em him hug and kiss McCain - and Bush - to his heart's content.

If Lieberman had any integrity, he'd make the move himself.

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Action Request

Email this post to Senator Harry Reid, at his Washington Office, HERE (and suggest you select "Congressional Affairs" for the Subject)

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