Monday, May 12, 2008

Breaking News! White House To Supply Burma With Pre-Fab Convention Center

Bush Wants To Streamline Media Reports, Provide Easy Access For Junta Flyovers

Ceding to mounting critics, the Bush Grindhouse has ordered FEMA to deliver, immediately, a replica, pre-fab Ernest N. Morial Convention Center to the cyclone-stricken country of Burma (also known, by the thugs who took it over, as Myanmar).

Indicating that lessons have been learned from New Orleans, and Hurricane Katrina, FEMA officials estimated that the pre-fab convention center can be airlifted and set-up within 48-hours.

"The President," offered White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, "doesn't like seeing these people scattered, without food or water, all over the country ... If they had a place to gather, like the Convention Center, they can pick each other up, offer support to each other, until help arrives ..."

Since Cyclone Nargis hit Burma 10-days ago, with scores-of-thousands dead, more injured and displaced, relief efforts have been hampered, due to the junta itself, and also, a relief ship of supplies sinking off its' coast. Some aid boxes have been distributed, carrying the names of Junta generals, in a twisted, PR effort.

No word if food and water, or other resources, would be shipped with the pre-fab Convention Center, Perino indicating that "we still have, using our New Orleans plans, a few days to decide on that", adding that, if any are sent, we "certainly will have the President's name on those boxes".

Perino offered that the President, in a telephone call with Senior Gen. Than Shwe, urged the Junta leader to to find a cathedral he could stand and front of and give a speech, promising complete and thorough aid and assistance, but "not have to worry" about actually following-up and delivering any of it.

Shwe advised the President, according to Perino, that as soon as the pre-fab convention center is up-and-standing, Shwe, and other Junta officials, will make a fly-over, to access the damage.

"This is a tough one for us," admitted Perino. "The tragedy and destruction there wasn't caused by broken levees, so we may have to tweak things as we go along."

Perino deferred, and wouldn't answer, questions if a pre-fab convention center will be sent to earthquake-stricken China.

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