Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Longer Morning of a McCain Presidency

Prom Dress Boy is at it again.

In a one-paragraph post, he disparages Barack Obama, Deval Patrick and John Edwards, senselessly, without any context.

The Long Night of an Obama Presidency [Jonah Goldberg]

Reading this piece about the Edwards endorsement of Obama, a cold shiver went down my spine. As scary as a Deval Patrick appointment as AG would be (I've long thought he would be Obama's likely choice), the suggestion that John Edwards would be even considered for Attorney General is horrifying. I really can't think of any mainstream political figure more inappropriate for that job than Edwards.

Hey PD Boy, why is it "scary" and why have you "long thought" Deval Patrick would be Obama's choice for Attorney General?

Was it he was a competent Assistant Attorney General during the Clinton Administration?

Or is this just a little Right Wing Freak Show race-baiting?

As to Edwards, a successful trial attorney, I would get more than a cold shiver down my spine if (and that is a monumental "IF") Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain were to be elected, the nitwit shittrain he would place in that office.

Considering the two Crony Generals of the Bush Grindhouse - the former, Alberto "Huh?" Gonzales and the current, Michael "See No Torture/Hear No Torture" Mukasey - not to mention the overall lawlessness of this current administration, I don't think you RWFSers' should be picking up stones to throw.

Stay in your bubble and stick to trying to cover-up the nightmare of the past 7+-years by calling everyone a fascist.

Prom Dress Boy Riffs

"The morning after always looks grim if you happen to be wearing last night's dress"

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GDAEman said...

PD Boy appears to be deathly afraid of poor people.

I still think Edwards should be Obama's Attorney General. Then, some of these bastards (can I say that word on your blog?) might actually get prosecuted.

Which reminds me of why Bush went to Israel. He asked if they would give him sanctuary if prosecuted in the US. Israel said he could have the Ariel Sharon Suite at the Jerusalem Hilton.

Prosecute Bush et al. Chapter 1