Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who Can She Turn To?

(Editor's Note: Sorry Garlic Fans - Got cut down yesterday by allergies and homefront, and today, Computer Hell, so we're catching up today)

It was, in a way, like winning the Superbowl, but not getting to jump in front of the camera and shout "I'm going to Disneyworld"!

On Tuesday evening Hillary Clinton wins the West Virginia Primary by some 40-points, and what happens?

Barack Obama dominates the news on Wednesday, garning the endorsements of NARAL, and, significantly, NARAL.

Not to mention, Dana Milbanks' deft and funny application of the infamous Monty Python "Dead Parrot" skit to her campaign ("See? She wasn't dead; she was just pining for the fiords").

Maybe it was punishment, for her robotic, emotionless, schoolmarm speech Tuesday evening.

While the TV Talking Heads fawned over it, Hillary hit her "victory party" with all the enthusiasm of a museum tour guide, mindlessly regurgitating the same spiel, for about the thousandth time.

Maybe she should have borrowed something from the Human Hillary Confetti Machine, Terry McAuliffe, or, at least, could have slipped on Lanny Davis's King Kaiser suit, to, perhaps, liven things up.

But she droned on, moving the goalposts and drawing up new metrics - again - and ignoring reality.

It be over.

It is Obama who holds the keys to the Magic Kingdom, by all the measurable metrics, including, it seems, giving Hillary Florida and Michigan, anyway she wants it.

For Hillary, it is a small world, after all.

Now, much of the punditry is given to what she will do, how will she go, will she exit gracefully.

That would, seemingly, be the the thing to do, however, it is, certainly, in the Clinton DNA, to point the wagon west, to Denver, slash and burn down the house, nomination-or-bust.

Yet, if only one thing is true, the Clintons (yes, both of them) are politically savvy, and they can see that a new day is coming. How (if) she exits, will play out just how much, and where they want to be sitting, in the New Democrat's sandbox.

Change agents, or old school/old political relics?

For now, not much left to do, but slink away, perhaps mournfully, singing this tune;

Who can I turn to when nobody needs me?
My heart wants to know and so I must go where destiny leads me
With not enough votes to guide me and only Bill and Chelsea beside me
I'll go on my way and, after the day, the darkness will hide me

And maybe tomorrow I'll find what I'm after
I'll throw off my snipers, beg, steal, or borrow my share of superdelegates
With Michigan I could learn to, with Florida what a new day
But who can I turn to if you turn away?

With Michigan I could learn to, with Florida what a new day
But who can I turn to if you turn away?

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