Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hillary's New Campaign Slogan: Keep Hopelessness Alive! ... The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll

Just in time for the long run in Pennsylvania - "Keep Hopelessness Alive!"

Those in the Keystone State will be the first to embrace this new Hillary Clinton campaign strategy ... Vote for Hillary and "Keep Hopelessness Alive!" ... If you want a bleak future, vote for Hillary and "Keep Hopelessness Alive!"

How can she miss with that?

Very, very spirited voting, in the latest Garlic Weekly Poll.

With Hillary Clinton stumbling and bumbling her way through the campaign, Barry Crimmins chipped in to offer some sound suggestions of campaign slogans, for Hillary to soldier on with.

I mean, it was easy for her to get distracted, having to worry about what to load up in that kitchen sink she was going to toss at Barack Obama.

She had to come up with that 3AM Ad (and screwed that up), and then had to decided when to give the green light to Geraldine Ferraro, so the former Vice Presidential candidate could unleash her racism.

It just goes that her own campaign might fall behind a little bit, so Barry Crimmins, and all of our Garlic poll voters, gave of themselves to take that burden off of her.

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll March 4 - March 15 2008

With Hillary Clinton continuing on, she should change her campaign slogan (H/T Barry Crimmins) to ...

1. Keep Hopelessness Alive! Tally 31%

2. Nobody's Ever Suggested She's a Muslim Tally 29%

3. Vote For Hillary Because Likability is a Liability Tally 26%

4. A Slogan For Every Supporter Tally 15%

This week’s Poll - For the 5th Year Anniversary of the Bush Grindhouse invasion and occupation of Iraq, we should give the gift of ...

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