Saturday, May 17, 2008

WAPO Op-Ed Striking One Up For The Boys In The Band

It would seem, the Kathleen Parker, and the Washington Post Editorial Board, were disappointed that, on Thursday evening, during the announcement of the endorsement, John Edwards and Barack Obama didn't break out the K-Y lube and get it on.

In and Op-Ed published today, Parker pens "The Democrats Hug It Out" (published on her homebase site, the Right Wing Xanadu, Townhall, as "Democrats Offer Thrills 'n' Chills"), in which Brad, over on Sadly No offers;

It’s tough to list all the things that make this column so mind-crushingly stupid, but let’s give it a shot:

* Parker begins the column by calling Edwards and Obama fags.

* Then, not having the courage to stand by this novel and poignant insight, she claims that it wasn’t her idea to call them fags, but was instead the idea of one of Edwards’ advisers. But hey, they’re still gay homo fruits who like to take it up the homobutt.

And Parker has this gem;

Ultra Brite cover boys of youth and glamour united against old men (and women) who worship the status quo. Obama -- the man who makes Chris Matthews feel a thrill up his leg -- wants to "do the Lord's work," lately pictured in front of a cross illuminated with vanity lights on a flier aimed at Kentucky voters, while Edwards wants to roll out the catapults and nuke the Coliseum.
She also offers some Hillary Love in here with;
Clinton, who got a little face time as reporters took her temperature, was (as always) smooth and cool.

Which puts new thoughts in motion as voters project down the road. Obama and Edwards look and talk pretty, but Clinton, unflinching and steely, exudes pure brawn. When the time comes to sit across from the likes of Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a chill in the heart may beat a thrill up the leg.
(And you can get a megadose of Hillary Love, here, and here)

And she rips into Edwards, with some old bromides, as well as blaming him for the healthcare crises;
Notwithstanding his 28,000-square-foot house and $400 haircuts. And ignoring the fact that one reason health insurance rates are so high -- and that so many poor rural folks lack high-quality medical care -- is the success Edwards and other trial lawyers have in convincing jurors that doctors owe the world always-perfect results.

His medical malpractice specialty often focused on OB-GYNs, and his multimillion-dollar awards resulted more from emotion than science. Edwards's underappreciated acting skills, including an uncanny ability to channel the voice of a dead child, helped raise malpractice premiums so high that many OB-GYNs have fled the profession.

Glenn Greenwald has a good post on the exploits of Kathleen Parker, which he sums up with this;
Those are some very Serious political arguments brought to us by The Washington Post from an important and Serious political commentator. As always, while everything to the Left of Marty Peretz's New Republic is too fringe and radical to be heard from, there simply is no such thing as being too far to the Right to fall off the mainstream spectrum. Is there any better proof of that than the appearance by Kathleen Parker on the Post's Op-Ed, fresh off her White Pride column, to write an Op-Ed that has little purpose other than to argue that Obama and Edwards are pretty, weak girls who wanted to hug and kiss each other?

What is with the Right Wings obsession of boys kissing boys?

I guess the RWFS will he happy that Fred Hiatt and The Washington Post strikes one up for The Boys in The Band!

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