Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This Message, Brought To You By ... The GOP!

Leave it to the nitwit Congressional Republicans.

Attempting to take a proverbial shower, to get their own, self-generated slime off themselves, they go "Hey, let's come up with a nifty slogan ... That oughta do it!"

And what do they - drumroll, please - come up with?

"The Change You Deserve."

From NYT The Caucus;

In a memo to be sent to Republican members today, the leadership hints at a new slogan building on the change message that has already been shown to have political resonance with a public unhappy with the nation’s direction.

“Through our “Change You Deserve” message and through our “American Families Agenda,” House Republicans will continue our efforts to speak directly to an American public looking for leaders who will offer real solutions for the challenges they confront every day,” said the memo prepared for lawmakers.

The real solutions for the challenges we confront everyday is a boatload of impeachments, followed by new Congressman that uphold the Constitution, possess ethics and integrity, but that's a horse to run on another day.

Because, this GOP Cleansing Shower gets ... Well ... You just can't make this stuff up

GOP's New Slogan Already Being Used To Market Anti-Depressant
What the GOP doesn't seem to realize, because they are idiots, is that "the change you deserve" is the registered advertising slogan of Effexor XR, a drug that many of you might have started taking as a result of all the...you know -- terrorism. (Hat tip to Bluestem for catching this gem.)

Effexor, also known as Venlafaxine, is approved for the treatment "of depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder in adults." Its common side effects are very much in keeping with the world the House Republicans have striven to build: nausea, apathy, constipation, fatigue, vertigo, sexual dysfunction, sweating, memory loss, and - and I swear I am not making this up - "electric shock-like sensations also called 'brain zaps.'"

Maybe their fearless leader, John Boehner should start using this stuff ...

The drug could provide him with a little more empathy and humanity ...

Or, it just might help him with his crying jags.

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