Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here's Where Time Magazine Screwed Up

Much buzz going on, out on the World Wide Web, over an interview conducted by Time Magazine's James Carney and Michael Scherer, of Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain.

On board the Dead Campaign Express, they describe the Fly Boy from Arizona as "prickly"

It was on the 13th question (or exchange) that their fatal error occurred;

Jumping around a bit: in your books, you've talked about what it was like to go through the Keating Five experience, and you've been quoted as saying it was one of the worst experiences of your life. Someone else quoted you as saying it was even worse than being a POW ...

That's another one of those statements made 17 or 18 years ago which was out of the context of the conversation I was having. Of course the worst, the toughest experience of my life was being imprisoned, so people can pluck phrases from 17 or 18 years ago ...

I wasn't suggesting it as a negative thing. I was just saying that ...

I'm just suggesting it was taken out of context. I understand how comments are taken out of context from time to time. But obviously, the toughest time of my life, physically and [in] every other way, would be the time that I almost died in prison camp. And I think most Americans understand that.
Do you see it? ... Can you spot it?

They asked, directly, a question of him about his POW-POW-POW status.

You would have thought that two veteran reporters would have caught on by now.

If you ask him directly, he has nowhere to go with it.

He needs something else, anything else, in which to trigger the POW-POW-POW stuff ...

It's been clear, for some time, that anything can be the Manchurian Candidate Queen-of-Diamonds for Stumblin' Bumblin' Johnny, and his POW-POW-POW stories, but never, never a direct question about it.
Ask'em if he heard the questions, or cheated, at the Saddleback Show... BANG, you get the the POW-POW-POW.

Make a joke about him forgetting how many houses he has ... BANG, you get the POW-POW-POW.

Ask him directly (and offered a million dollars) how many houses he owns ... BANG, you get the POW-POW-POW.

Besides, The Garlic already exposed what's going on with the POW-POW-POW thing, in our Mas Que Nada ... McCain Goes Pow Pow Pow - Again! Or: Donate To John McCain, and Be Included In The Telling of His Next POW-POW-POW Story;
Not only that, but he's added a "fish story" element to it, an umbrella of sorts, extending the magic POW-POW-POW powers to his father-in-law.

I think he's on to something here, that, maybe, he shouldn't have let out of the bag like that ...


We know he's been living, high-off-the-hog, on Cindy, her Daddy's scratch, but why settle for that?.

The Rove Rats, and Stumblin' Bumblin' McCain Campaign's next step can be to offer, for a certain-level donation, that "Senator McCain will include you in his next telling of his POW-POW-POW experience.

Christ, they let loose with that, and it will make Obama's prodigious fundraising look like lunch money.

NeoNitWits and jingoistic jackasses will come out of the woodwork, cash-in-hand, lapping it up like happy soup.

A little more than two-months left of campaigning, a POW-POW-POW story, a day (hey, you don't want to dilute it, after all) ... Charging a premium if he does it in an interview, national media, versus local ... Cable news versus network news ... Newspaper or magazine ...

This Time Magazine interview shows how well the Rove Rats have programmed him.

Who knew, they had a "Cone of Silence" on the Dead Campaign Express?

Media, be warned, he might give a little taste, now-and-then, but he's not going to give the POW-POW-POW cow away for free any longer.

Jeepers ... Time Magazine ... And they couldn't figure that out ....Or come up with some big bucks (or a box of donuts) to pay for it?

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