Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not Fair! ... Another Gone ... Isaac Hayes

Man, this is turning out to be one bummer of a weekend ...

The news that broke yesterday, about the the death of Bernie Mac, that was pretty stunning ...

Then early this evening, the drop-kick that the legendary Isaac Hayes passed away ...

Isaac Hayes, Deep-Voiced Soul Icon, Is Dead at 65

In an industry filled with colorful and dynamic figures, Hayes was a standout on several levels, from his smooth baritone to his flamboyant style: It was almost as if he was made to be a musical god.

Hayes offered something completely different to the musical world. In an era of straightened hair or Afros, Hayes was bald: ''His look was just so profound,'' Stanback said. ''He was like a superhero.''
He was one, bad, mother ...

From Black Voices;
On his own, his body of work includes collaborations with Millie Jackson, Barry White, Dionne Warwick, Donald Byrd, Tom Jones and Alicia Keys, among many others.

Known as "Black Moses," Hayes -- as a song stylist of the highest degree and a multi-talented instrumentalist -- personified black soul music during the 1970s era.

R.I.P Isaac ...

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Pioneering musician Isaac Hayes dead at 65; Singer found unresponsive on floor near home treadmill

Isaac Hayes Dies Aged 65

Putting two up here, the longer versions, that got culled for the movie 'Dead Presidents', and its monster soundtrack

Walk On By - Isaac Hayes

The Look of Love - Isaac Hayes

He was one, bad, mother ...

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