Sunday, August 10, 2008

Editors Note: Lost Days (Literally and Figuratively)

Good Morning Garlic Fans

We hope you are well on this fine Sunday Morning (though, for those of you in the Northeast, it won't be lasting long - yet more thunderous storms, biblical rains and who knows what else is setting up to barrel in later today).

As you quite know, we were absent posts the past few days.

Nothing more than homefront events overtaking the schedule, leaving this writer pretty drained (and, to help matters, getting beat-up by allergies).

Thursday was a pretty good dementia day for the Aunt, that included the battle of having a home-visiting nurse come to draw blood, in preparation for the Friday regular check-up visit with the Doc.

This has, recently, become arduous, as the Aunt believes she has a finite, limited supply of blood and doesn't want to give it away.

Friday AM brought the two-hour loop of "Why do I have to go to the doctor, I feel fine" and "I don't wanna go", and "I'm not going to give them any more blood", with always bringing it back to "Why do I have to go to the doctor?".

Yesterday was back to the regular dementia, and the new wrinkle of calling me on the telephone, just to let me know she was downstairs.

Not even her favorite Lawrence Welk program would deter her from this new messaging service.

So, I plan on getting back in the saddle, with catching up and posting later today and tonight (have a family gig to attend this afternoon) ...

So, stay tuned and, as always, Mucho Thanks for visiting and reading The Garlic.

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