Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course, Of Course

Or. Blowback's A Bitch

We hit on the Le Affair Edwards the other day, and I honestly didn't except to be returning to it so soon.

There's still, either a few more details to come out, or an Imelda-Marcos-like avalanche of shoes to drop.

Seemingly, in the past day or two, it appears the MSM, now that Edwards did his "I'm Guilty ...But I'm Not" interview, is less interested in the former Senator, and now aiming their notebooks at Lisa Drucker, aka Rielle Hunter, the self-styled femme fatale in this saga.

And, boy, there be some bizarre shit flying out of that closet!

It's not that Rielle is a New Age disciple, or the much publicized former gal pal of author Jay McInerny, according to ABC, "A party girl named Lisa Druck whose exploits in New York's cocaine-fueled nightlife during the 1980s inspired "Bright Lights, Big City" author Jay McInerny to model a character after her in his fiction."

No, No, No ...

This is one family's closet that may, very well, qualify for 'Riply's Believe It or Not'

Mister Sandman, Bring Me A Dream

And if you can't do that, make sure you show up with the wires and jumper cables.

"Good God! John Edwards was having sex with the daughter of the guy who taught Tommy Burns how to kill horses by electrocuting them!"
This comes from a fascinating article, "Edwards' 'other woman' revives memories of a gruesome scandal", by Lester Munson, with William Nack.

It seems that Little Lisa, aka Rielle, once owned a horse, a show horse.

Little Lisa's Daddy, James Druck, who was describe as "a criminally minded lawyer and conniver", at least, at one point, was in need of some serious moola;
When Jim Druck got strapped for cash, he tried to sell the horse; but the top offer was only $125,000 and the horse was insured for $150,000. You do the math; Druck did. So he talked Burns into killing the horse and showed him how to do it, revealing himself to be a man of some experience in this venal backwash of animal husbandry. Druck then bought Burns all the paraphernalia he needed, from the clips to wires.
Da-dah, a legend grew, with Burns going on to garner the nickname, "The Sandman".
As one prominent West Virginia horsewoman told me, "When Tommy arrived at a show, they would say The Sandman was around. They knew a horse would be put to sleep."

Hmmm ... Was Tommy Burns hanging around the Edwards campaign?

Probably not, however, by hooking up with James Druck's daughter, Rielle/Lisa, and then lying about it, Edwards should give a spiff to The Sandman, for the self-electrocution of his reputation and character.

Go read "Edwards' 'other woman' revives memories of a gruesome scandal", by Lester Munson, with William Nack, it is amazing.

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We couldn't resist ... How could we do a story like this and not think about the Famous Mr. Ed.

Mr. Ed The talking horse

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