Thursday, August 14, 2008

Garlic Exclusive! Edwards Affair Solved!

He's an Anglophile!

He's pinin' for Camilla!

Not twins, but pretty darn close ...

I mean, look at the photos ... Around last call in a dark bar ...

Perhaps he didn't realize that Camilla isn't the royalty, so his road to become King was about as long as his lies.

Maybe, because it's August, the Dog Days of Summer, the lull before the conventions, that Le Affair Edwards isn't going away.

MSNBC's 'Hardball' (David Shuster subbing and slamming) and Dan Abrams have been hitting on it all week

As a sidebar, last week, one grave-dancer that I must point out was MSNBC's Mike Barnicle, who was sitting in for Tweety on 'Hardball'.

Barnicle, with each of his guests, couldn't use the word "hypocracy" too often enough (I double-checked the listing, to make sure I was watching 'Hardball" and not a new MSNBC Doc-Bloc, 'Hypocracy').

Why this is pertinent is that Barnicle was tossing his boulders of "hypocracy" from a glass house.

Barnicle has had his own waist-deep dive into human weakness, being his often, and repeated, skills of plagiarism and fabrication (read "Barnicle resigns from Globe; Fabrications found in 1995 column" and Salon's "Repeat Offender; Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle's active imagination finally brings him down")

And, just yesterday, the king of the Right Wing Freak Show came through, showing just how low in the gutter they could take this.

Now, I am not an advocate of lying and, as a matter of disclosure, here on The Garlic, we were, early on, rooting for the Edwards Team (that meaning, including, perhaps more-so, Elizabeth), so, like the many others, there was great disappointment (and not that a politician had a mistress. No Puritan fibers here ... Europe hasn't done too badly, hasn't fallen off the face-of-the-earth, with their history of their leaders sleeping around).

So now, it remains a waiting game, to flesh out any more lies by Edwards, not to mention the $64,000 question on the paternity.

And all that money being tossed around, to make sure Lisa Drucker, aka Rielle Hunter, isn't out in the food stamp line.

The bigger mystery, perhaps, stands with who took and released that photo, allegedly of Edwards, holding the baby?

It's not exactly like they were having this "catch-up" meeting out in the main lobby.

And that some are saying Rielle Hunter's sister went out of her way to dismiss that Hunter was setting up Edwards as a mark;
Hunter's sister said Rielle was being falsely portrayed as a "promiscuous person" and was not involved in "setting up" Edwards last month at a Beverly Hills hotel, where he was confronted by reporters from the National Enquirer.
Perhaps not, or, as Newsweek's Jonathan Darman described Hunter as a "New Age" person, maybe Hunter is just trying to share John Edwards' "financial energy".

Needless to say, this story will continue to have a trickle, at minimum (hey, The National Enquirer, now that they are getting kudos from the MSM on being right, certainly isn't going to give up the bone).

And it's still a story in need of an ending.
  • That John Edwards is the father of the child, making him a triple, scumbag liar (1. The affair and lying about it, 2. Using his wifes' cancer remission as an excuse)
  • It surfaces that Hunter was setting him up (perhaps as far as the sperm-in-the-freezer-turkey-baster thing)
  • The National Enquirer dumps Edwards, clears him by dropping the bombshell that the baby is an "Elvis Love Child"

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