Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh Boy! ... I Can't Wait For The Debates!

Oh Boy, I don't need to write much for this one.

Once again, Fly Boy, himself, offers yet another justification for The Garlic's labeling him "Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain".

And, this was with a local market media person (Rob Caldwell, of WCSH in Portland, Maine)!

Click below and watch him flounder about (from reading other posts, I didn't embed the video, as it seems to run endlessly).

207 Talks with John McCain

Joe Sudbay, from;

McCain is clueless. Clueless about his v.p. No wonder the McCain campaign doesn't want McCain answering questions. He can't."
Think Progress: McCain: Palin Has National Security Experience Because She Knows About ‘Energy’

Steve Benen;
Stepping back, it's striking that McCain still, even now, can't answer obvious questions about his own running mate. Caldwell's question was direct, but hardly an unexpected curveball. Indeed, the obvious answer for McCain is that Palin doesn't have a background in national security, but neither do most governors who seek national office, and he's confident in her judgment, her ability to learn quickly, etc.

But, no. Asked an obvious question, McCain offers a confused response that doesn't make any sense.

Maybe the next time the Republican handlers prep Palin on how to answer questions, McCain should sit in and take a few notes.

After watching this, think back how McCain has been whining about how Obama won't join him in Town Hall debates.

And think about the upcoming three debates ...

Holy Cow, he's toast!

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