Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Charlie Gibson Can Screw Up Interview With Sarah Palin

News Item: What To Expect From The Palin Interview

10. Badgers her about film, 'Mystery, Alaska', and if she got to meet Russell Crowe

9. Does the interview wearing a Moose Suit

8. Demands to know where the hell she came up with the names of her children - Trig? Trak?

7. With expected high viewership, spends the entire interview pitching her on ABC's Fall Line-up

6. Producers confused, bring in actress Sarah Polley, and Gibson never notices

5. Taunts her "Bridge To Nowhere" stand by singing "Alaska's bridge has fallen down, fallen down, fallen down ..."

4. On the "Hockey Mom" thing, asks her if she is still involved in Field Hockey

3. Thinking they're off-camera, and into an open mic, Gibson offers Palin, and her husband, help for AIP in Alaska's secession

2. Asks Palin if she can get her church to pray for the new addition he's thinking of adding to his house

1. Suggests, if she can get an Earmark to build set, he will pitch network brass on new 'Sarah in Trees' show

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