Friday, September 05, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons McCain Campaign Is Keeping Sarah Palin Away From The Media

News Item: McCain Campaign Plans To Keep Palin Away From The Press

10. She's holding out, for a $300K outfit, just like Cindy's

9. Unlike McCain, her yard isn't big enough to have a barbecue

8. Can't find the spare keys to the Straight Talk Express

7. Afraid she'll take some reporters hunting ... Afterall, when a VP goes hunting ...

6. Waiting for the "community organizer" smear to die down

5. Collecting names from reporters, to throw in a hat, who will be the first to bring her a box of donuts

4. Palin needs to clean up all the Earmark paperwork before she let's reporters in

3. Hasn't stonewalled or buried the Troopergate thing yet

2. Discovered she spells certain words just like Dan Quayle

1. Hockey Mom thing is too real - Staff thinks she smells like a locker room

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