Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons Sarah Palin Is Preparing For Debate Outdoors

News Item: Palin Seeks Serenity in Sedona

10. Just trying to keep Tina Fey off-balance

9. Told Palin they were filming new campaign ad, based on cellphone commercial and all she has to say is "Can you hear me now?"

8. Palin insisted, saying, that's the way they do it up in Alaska

7. Well ... How to put this delicately ... They all had Mexican for lunch

6. Palin wanted to get in a little game shooting at the same time

5. McCain Camp planning on phoning in bomb threat, so Biden and Palin will have to finish debate outside

4. Since McCain can't sit in sun, only place they could do it without him interrupting and answering for her

3. McCain Camp economizing, saving money to run more negative ads

2. Protest - McCain isn't giving her the per diems, like she was getting up in Alaska

1. No one told Palin that McCain has lifted the suspension of the campaign

Bonus Up-A-Creek Palin-McCain Riffs

Oliver Willis: McCain Camp Looks For Palin Do-Over

Taegan Goddard: Palin's Joke About Biden Backfires

Ta-Nehisi Coates: I'm outta here soon as I fix the the flux-capacitor

David Kurtz: I'm McCain Camp to Ifill: Go Easy on Palin

"I'll Try To Find You Some, and Bring'em To Ya ..."

Well ... In Her Defense, She Can't See Hewlett Packard From Alaska

Ring of Lying - The New McCain-Palin Campaign Theme Song

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