Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin Defeats Dewey!

Or was it Truman?

Or will she have a"I'll Try To Find You Some, and Bring'em To Ya ..."

We're just a few hours away from THE BIG DEBATE, and it's a cross between Christmas Eve and gawking at a horrible car accident.

In case you haven't been paying attention, or, you've been preoccupied with the on-going, slow-motion robbery of the country, via the Wall Street Bailout (since when do you call handing over billions of dollars to fat cats who already have billions of dollars a "rescue"), Sarah Palin, the Wasilla Whiz, has, for all intents-and-purposes, won the debate this evening.

How so, we hear you cry?

Well, simply that the debate moderator Gwen Ifill is in the bag for Barack Obama, and the Democrats, by way of writing a book - that isn't being published until January 2009 - and will slant all the questions, give Joe Biden a pass, and really apply the screws to Palin.

At least, that's the meme building up the past few days, from Michelle "Stalkin" Malkin, Matt Sludge and all the other Right Wing Freak Show flying monkeys.

Even Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain, that is, at the moment.

Yesterday, he was cool with Ifill, today, she's a thug who will work over Palin and leave her inches away from death, totally sandbagging the debate for her.

You won't be able to trust Ifill, not even her saying "Welcome, and Good Evening".

Who is she welcoming? ... Who is going to have the good evening? ...Did she look at Palin when she said it, or Biden?

You see, this will be just one of the few times the Rove Rats have let Mommy Moose out of the gulag, to face real, non-McCain-staff people, and these "outsiders" keep insisting on asking America's Hockey Mom pertinent questions, queries that one would expect a person seeking national office to have a handle on, to be able to articulate an answer that doesn't sound like someone who takes pride in being clueless..

So, we'll see which Sarah Palin shows up tonight.

Will it be the newly-minted "Let Palin Be Palin"?

Will it be the deer-in-the-headlights, Katie Couric-interview Sarah Palin?

Oh, sure, we'll get a good dose of obfuscation, the continuation of the McCain-Palin serial lies, some cheap shots at Biden and Obama, but what else will she put on the table?

Perhaps the most anticipated intrigue will be if she emulates her running mate, and refuses to look at Joe Biden for the entire evening.

Or, maybe, just maybe, she'll say she can see the famous St. Louis Gateway Arch from her hotel room, which, I guess, by implication, makes her an expert on domestic policy.

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