Monday, December 22, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is A Brand New Handgun!

As Steve Benin noted, "the NRA must be desperate";

Estimates vary, but the National Rifle Association reportedly spent about $15 million in 2008 on attacks against Barack Obama. The group is no doubt frustrated, not only with the election's outcome, but with its inability to have a serious impact on the campaign.
Or, why else would they be conducting robocalls, during the Holiday Season, and, no less, ignoring the economic meltdown, hitting people up for donations?

Well, the Second Amendment says you can have a gun, but it doesn't specifically mandate that you have a brain.

One such robocall was received Colin McEnroe, at The Hartford Courant.

And, he wrote about it.

Merry Christmas from Wayne LaPierre

So my phone rings today; and after that 1.5-second delay that tells you it''s not a beloved friend, a guy comes on the line and says his name is Chris White from the NRA. Do I want to listen to a message from Wayne LaPierre about "Obama's scheme to ban guns?" You bet I do.


Obama has been "stacking his administration with the most notorious gun-banners in America."

Wayne says he wants to "send a message loud and clear that the fight for our freedom is not coming. It is here and now."

As proof of the administration's deep bias, Wayne says applicants for jobs are asked if they own a gun and, if so, if it is properly registered. (A clear attempt to discriminate against Plaxico Burress.) Of course, the gun question is but one of 63 queries on the famously detailed questionnaire.

After some more of this talk, a different human being comes on the line and tells me that Obama is appointing "a cabinet full of gun haters."

"Could you please tell me the name of at least one of the gun-haters?" I ask.

Go read "Merry Christmas from Wayne LaPierre", it's very funny.

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