Sunday, December 21, 2008

White Christmas

Happy 1st Day of Winter!

And, another Snow Alert today!

Actually, it hasn't stopped snowing, here in Boston, since Friday.

We've had a light, sometimes very light, snowfall ongoing, adding another 1-inch+ to the pile, and this will segue, or give way, to the storm coming up the coast, and dumping another half-a-foot on us, before, possibly, turning to rain (followed by extremely frigid air, so everything will freeze to hardness of cement - wonderful).

Since this is about it, as to any snow for the big Christmas Day, we will give you this absolute treat today.

For many of you, it's possible you have never heard this standard holiday classic, 'White Christmas' quite this way.

It's a gem ... Kick back and enjoy!

Charlie Parker -White Christmas

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