Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our 1,000 Post This Year!

Boy, doesn't it always goes that way ...

On a day of a milestone, it was dark, rainy, but one that has had me running from dawn, to sundown, a moderately cumbersome day on the homefront.

The milestone?

Our 1,000th post this year!

I did set out to be more productive, after the heavy-duty Aunt/hospital runs last year, and it was an Election Year, so, in some respects, I shouldn't crow to loudly, being that the count should have been even higher ...

What a slacker!

It, kind of, snuck up on me.

It was only last week that I noticed where the post count was, and thought, well, if I stay on course, I should be able to make it.

Then, all-of-a-sudden, this morning, I was staring at 999!

Good thing, as the old creativity pool was a bit shallow this evening.

So, time to thank one, and all, for coming out to The Garlic, and reading along the way.

We will endeavor, in 2009, to keep up the pace, good riffs and go where it takes us.

Since this is a celebratory ocassion, we need some celebration-like music, so we turn to one of our favorites, the great Jaco Pastorius, to ring in #1000

Thanks, again, for visiting, and reading, The Garlic!

Jaco Pastorius & The Word of Mouth Big Band - Liberty City

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