Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Down Here On The Ground

Yeah, when you listen to the tune below, it was that kind of day.

It started off, reading about the Oscar Grant shooting, out in Oakland.

Man, it is sick-to-the-stomach incomprehensible what went down there.

In one of the two video angles of the incident, you can see the BART Cop, with another pinning Grant down, knee-on-neck, pull out his gun and shoot him.

Unbelievable ...

That was followed by seeing the latest revelations of the Bush Grindhouse Torture Program.

And then, the other stuff took over.

Actually, it's been a carry-over, from the past few days.

Last month's troubles with the Aunt, produced a blood test where all was not right, and her primary Doc was a bit concerned about it.

So, last week, we followed up, and had another run, and the same aspect of the blood work is still showing something not quite right.

With remnants of the head cold stirring up, for the past two days, we have been playing phone tag with the Doc, detailed discussions and a call to get the Aunt in for a check, from, preferably a Rheumatologist, or, a neurologist, for possible (more to rule out) Temporal Arteritis.

Which will be tomorrow.

Naturally, such took up a big chunk of creative and writing time, and not sure how tomorrow will play out (assuming all goes well, you can bet-your-booties that Friday, I will be anchored, writing, with the temps down near zero)

So, for tonight, another gem.

Killer, monster rendition of the classic 'Down Here On The Ground' (coming from the movie 'Cool Hand Luke').

Of the bevy of people who have recorded this, Grant Green's is the favorite here

Kick back and groove with it!

Down Here on the Ground - Grant Green

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