Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Nothing Lost, Mr. Christian!"

Spoiler Alert!

If you have never seen the absolute riveting movie, ''The Long Good Friday', then don't watch this video

The Long Good Friday...the fantastic end! Good Quality

"Shut up you long streak of paralyzed piss ..."

I only wish someone, anyone one of the assembled media at yesterday's final press conference with The Commander Guy, stood up and fired that back at him.

And, it would have been extra bonus points for Helen Thomas to do it.

Showing his bravery, he completely snubbed the veteran reporter, perhaps one of the very, very few who actually asked the opposite kind of questions lobbed at him by Jeff Gannon.

Perhaps, flashing back to his old drinking days, the "Compassionate Conservative" was all over the place, taking no blame, no signs of remorse, remarking only that the "Mission Accomplished" banner, and some of his rhetoric, were, perhaps, disappointments.

And, right down to the end, he showed off his intellectual prowess, referring to the Coast Guard pilots who rescued the citizens of New Orleans (no thanks to The Bush Grindhouse), as "drivers".


Now there's a real "Commander-In-Chief" moment ... Perhaps he should have stuck around, and fulfilled more of his National Guard service.

Maybe then he would know the difference between a "pilot" and a "driver"

While this piece of turd believes he has the record to take a victory lap, right in front of him was the evidence of just how insignificant he, and his Presidency, has become.

The Bush Grindhouse had to get interns to fill the last two rows (out of seven total) of the press room, to make it look full.

As Bob Hoskin's Harold Shand scornfully mocks the American gangsters, we borrow;

"Look at you ... The President of the United States ... of shitdom!"

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