Thursday, December 04, 2008


Good Morning Garlic Fans ...

Apologies for the lack of posting yesterday ... It was one of those days.

The Aunt and a hospital run.

Beginning Tuesday evening, we had the start of come complaining, of aches and pains, that fell into the category of de rigueur, the typical daily routine.

However, it also effected her sleep that night, and into Wednesday morning, the complaining continued, and I soon realized we had an aberration, and aberrations demand action.

A telephone consultation with her doctor yielded a direction to get her to the hospital, and away we went.

Nearly 6.5-hours were spent in the Emergency Ward (and less than 30-minutes of that actually doctor-time) and accompanying that was the soundtrack of my Aunt, asking, demanding, pleading to "Go home", "Let's go home", "Get me outta here", with nary a break.

The results: Cat Scan okay, one of the blood tests showed an inflammation (though not specific, and in elderly, not uncommon), and the prognosis was a "nerve inflammation", causing the pain to travel to another location. Tylenol, and if it persists, or gets worse, follow up with a neurologist.

So far, this morning, after a zombie-like nights' sleep, A-Okay on the homefront.

I had one post written yesterday (though, not edited) and two others started, but not completed, so, we'll be getting those up today, along with anything else that sparks inspiration (or demands attention).

Thanks, as always, for visiting and reading The Garlic!

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