Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Coal In These Stockings!

Well, it seems that artist Deborah Lawrence has done nearly as much, in just a few months, as the 110th Congress has in the past six-years-plus.

Lawrence was solicited to design a Christmas ornament, for a Bush Grindhouse Christmas tree.

Christmas Colors for the White House: Red, White and Impeach

"I was at first nauseated, then realized it was an opportunity," said Lawrence, 55, who frequently combines politics and satire in her work and saw this as the perfect way "to highlight Jim McDermott because he's a hero of mine."

The nine-inch ball is covered with swirly red and white stripes -- and, in tiny glued-on text, salutes the Democratic congressman's support for a resolution to impeach President Bush. (Also showcased: Washington state's 1919 labor strike, its suffrage movement and the violent anti-World Trade Organization riots of 1999.) Lawrence sent it off to D.C. in September and was very surprised it was accepted for the tree -- and that she was invited to this afternoon's White House reception for the artists, which she flew to D.C. to attend.

Ah, if you expect a Frank Capra movie, with Clarence Oddbody showing up, and Sam Wainwright wiring in enough money to bail out the Government, small-artist-makes-it-big, well, dash those thoughts, and start playing the villain music.

The screen just flipped over to Pottersville.

White House Won't Hang Christmas Impeachment Ornament
"Oh, dear," said Seattle-based artist Deborah Lawrence, who created the red and white ornament that salutes Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) and his support for a resolution to impeach the president. "This doesn't really surprise me. But it's disappointing that I won't get to see it on the tree."

Snip ...

Sally McDonough, a spokeswoman for the first lady, confirmed the ornament would not be displayed. "It's inappropriate and it's not being hung," she said. She said that when asked about the issue yesterday, the White House tree decorations were not complete. "We reviewed the ornament along with all the [other] ornaments, and Mrs. Bush deemed it inappropriate for the holiday tree."

Lawrence is still slated to attended a White House reception for the artists this afternoon.

Of such delicious irony, with icicles and tinsel, that Laura Bush would veto a protesting Christmas ornament, knowing the decisions that have emanated out of the same building.

I guess, the First Lady was just going in to mode, you know, where Christmas is such a joyous time, but if people see that one, subversive Christmas ornament, with the word "Impeachment" on it, much like that one bombing a day on television, well, that just discourages everybody.

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