Tuesday, December 02, 2008

TPMCafe Special Feature ... House of Saddam: Behind the Movie

If you are curious, from the trailers being run on HBO, here's a glimpse of the upcoming series, 'House of Saddam', from Sally El Hosaini, who worked on the script.

House of Saddam: Behind the Movie

When I first heard of the proposed mini-series 'House of Saddam' I was suspicious. Why would the BBC/HBO, UK/America, want to make a drama series about Saddam Hussein? I wondered what the hidden agenda might be.

Snip .. .

After meeting Alex Holmes I soon realised that this drama series would be different. Not a lesson in the history of Iraq, not about condemnation or praise, it was to be about understanding a tightly knit group of people whose lives orbited around their sun, Saddam Hussein. The perspective was going to be from inside the inner circles and family, looking out. It would be an attempt to go behind closed doors and shed light upon the man himself. That really interested me so I spent the next 2 ½ years researching and script editing the 'House of Saddam' mini-series.

Go read House of Saddam: Behind the Movie, it is rather interesting.

(Ed. Note: And, please, someone in The Bush Grindhouse... A staffer, a marine guard, anyone, keep The Commander Guy away from this series ...

He, in his lame-duck, swan-song status, may become confused, and get himself all fired up, and in the waning days, rev up that White House Iraq Group for a final "Shock-and-Awe" exit out-the-door.

Chance are, with First Lady Laura swearing off the television, odds are low this would happen.)

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