Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Presidential Pitching Rotation

Ahh, you know they were not going to let (pun intended) a softball photo-op go by the boards.

President Obama throws out the ceremonial "first pitch", at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game last evening

Good thing the game was in St. Louis.

If it had been at Bailout Park (Citi Field), there could have been charges of conflict-of-interest

What has us posting about this today (aside from the Flying Monkeys of the Right Wing Freak Show calling Obama a "sissy" for the way he threw the ball), was a Tweet discovered early this morning, from Greg Mitchell (@GregMitch);

NYT says Obama's toss tonite wasn't so hot but "he was pitching on 1,371 days’ rest." Everyone knows you need to go every 5th day.
Most amusing!

A good friend informed us that it is not a tradition to have the President make the first toss, the last time this was done for the All Star Game was in 1976, then-President Gerald Ford doing the honors (and, no, he didn’t bean himself).

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Update: Bonus Bonus

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