Sunday, December 27, 2009

Royal Jam ... Fly With Wings Of Love

Well, we let the day get away from us today.

We hope you had a great Christmas Holiday, as we did on this end, busy few days, that it was.

In the event your Christmas didn't go very well, perhaps, a family member, or two, over-indulged, maybe things got a little rowdy, and you found yourself longing for a good, old-fashion Christmas celebration ...

Your drunken, loutish family members would be on-the-money, as the way to go.

Last week, Stephen Nissenbaum, at The Boston Globe, looked into it, and wrote;

Christmas was a riot ..Ever long for a traditional New England Christmas? Be careful what you wish for

So where does this leave the old-fashioned Christmas of yesteryear, untainted by commercialism or ideological dispute? The evidence from Boston suggests it was never there. When the Boston public embraced a more family-centered, domestic version of the holiday, it was already commercial at its very core
No snips, go read the entire piece ... It's hysterical.

And, since "flying" has been in the news all weekend all weekend, we have the soundtrack for you to read by.

It's a gem, from the early 1980's - The Crusaders, with B.B. King, and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, recorded live, at Royal Festival Hall.

And, there's monster piano work by Joe Sample ...


Fly With Wings Of Love (Live 1981/Royal Festival Hall, London)

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